How do I get started with my Wordpress Hosting?

We have made getting started with wordpress as simple as possible! You will receive your login details specific to this within your Welcome Email when you signup.

You can access wordpress in a couple of ways... Via our client area OR direct

Accessing Wordpress via your client area

  1. Login to your client area
  2. Select My Services or Services -> My Services
  3. Click on the Manage Product button for the package you would like to manage.
  4. Click on the Login to cPanel button.


Setting up your first Wordpress site!

  1. To create your first Wordpress site, scroll down to Software and select Wordpress Manager
  2. You should now see a couple of options - you are going to want to select Install for a new setup.

  3. Fill out your new Wordpress site basic details [You can always change these later if you want].

    You can configure various initial options. But at the bottom you will find the Install button. This will take a minute or 2 and once completed you will be able to get going with your new wordpress blog!
  4. Your first Wordpress site is ready!

Updating your Wordpress sites

  1. To update your first Wordpress site installation, scroll down to Software and select Wordpress Manager
  2. Select the little downwards arrow next to the wordpress site you want to manage and here you will be able to make some adjustments to your installation.
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